Omni Water Filters
Popular and Affordable

Omni water filters have been around for more than two decades. In fact, Omni filters are quite popular and are sold in major stores all over the world in stores and online.

Today, there are several modes of each type of water filter to choose from. Omni offers refrigerator filters, faucet filters, under sink filters and whole house filters.

The variety of Omni water filters is probably the reason why there prices are so low. They offer faucet filters as low as $18 and whole house filter systems as low as $45.

Regardless of the problems that you have with your water, Omni has a water filter that will solve the problem.

Benefits of Omni Water Filters

Easy Installation

Most persons like Omni water filters because they are easy to install. Most Omni filters don’t require a professional so you will instantly save money.

Even their whole house systems and their under counter systems are easy to install.

Very Affordable

When compared to other water filters on the market, Omni water filters are very affordable. Their shower filter only cost $31.

Furthermore, you will find that their counter top, under sink and whole house systems cost less than $100.

Variety of Choices

Collectively, Omni offers over 55 models of water filters on the market. They offer simple filters to more complex filters. In other words, they basically have a water filter to match your price tag and your personal needs.

In addition, Omni offers over a hundred replacement cartridges for their water filter systems.

Omni Water Filter Reviews

Omni Pitcher Filter

The Omni water pitcher filter will reduce over 95% of chlorine as well as bad taste and odour. This pitcher will cost you roughly $30 (a bit expensive for a pitcher) and the cartridge has a lifespan of 2 months or 40 gallons.

This pitcher is ideal for students or persons who drink a lot of water. The Omni pitchers will fit nicely in dorms, offices or kitchens.

A replacement cartridge is very easy to change and will only cost $7.

For those concerned about its durability, there is a one (1) year warranty on the system.

Some persons argue that the price for a pitcher should not be so high. A cheaper alternative is Pur water pitcher . This is a good alternative but not as durable.

Omni Shower Filter

Omni is one of the few companies that offer a decent shower filter.

The SF-100 shower filter will reduce chlorine, sediments, rust and bad taste and odour from your showers.

You will instantly feel the difference after you install an Omni shower filter. Instead of using the popular carbon filter media, Omni shower filters use KDF technology.

The KDF technology uses copper zinc alloy to effectively reduce chlorine (98%) from your water. This will result in less respiratory problems, better showers, softer skin and healthier hair.

The filter cartridge will last 15,000 to 20,000 gallons or one year, whichever comes first. You simply install the system to your current shower head.

Omni Refrigerator and Ice Maker Filter

Omni currently offers four (4) models of refrigerator water filters that are guaranteed to fit your refrigerator.

All Omni fridge water filters act in the same way and that is to provide clean and great tasting water while prolonging the lifespan of your refrigerator by removing sediments and chlorine.

Omni refrigerator water filters are easy to install. In fact, installation only takes a couple of minutes.

Omni offers some of the cheapest refrigerator filters on the market. Prices start as low as $12 and can go all the way up to $55.

The Omni R200 cost $12 and has a lifespan of 1 year or a little less than 4,000 gallons. The Omni R500, which is a bit more expensive ($55), will last 5 years or 20,000 gallons. The Omni R500 installs in a few seconds and has a 2 year warranty.

If you are looking for an Omni fridge filter that will remove more contaminants, then you should consider the R1100 model. This model cost $55 dollars but last 2,500 gallons or 1 year. It will reduce rust, sediments, lead, mercury, odor, giardia and cryptosporidium.

Omni Faucet Water Filter

Omni faucet water filters can be installed at any sink in your home or business whether it is your bathroom, kitchen or your laundry.

Omni faucet filters are good at removing chlorine, rust, sediment and bad taste and odour.

The flow rate is 0.5 gallons per minute and filter cartridges last 200 gallons or 3 months.

These Omni water filters are very affordable and will only cost you about $14 for the system and all the parts are included in this one price.

Omni Under Sink Filter

Omni offers seven (7) models of under sink water filters including one which is a reverse osmosis system.

These under sink water filter systems are able to remove lead, chlorine, mercury, cysts and even bacteria.

The R02000 model, which is reverse osmosis, filters your water then purifies your water. In other words, this system will soften and filter your water.

It uses one or two pre-carbon filters, a reverse osmosis system and a post carbon filter. This system will cost you roughly $250.

There most affordable model is the SFM2 which cost $30 and is easily installed under your sink and supplies water directly through your faucet.

Another cheap model is the SFM3 which cost $60 and will do the basic job of removing chlorine and bad taste and odour.

Another affordable model is the CBF2 which also cost $60 and will reduce carbon, bad taste, cysts and Giardia.

Omni Whole House Water Filter

Omni whole house water filters are good at removing rusts, sediments and chlorine from the water you drink and from going into the appliances.

When sediments are removed from the water, the lifespan of your appliances such as water heater, showers, dishwasher and washing machine will extend.

Omni offers five (5) models of whole house water filter. They are Model U25, U30, BF7, OB1 and OB5. Each model serves a different purpose.

Most persons choose the model U25 because of its ease to install and the removal of key contaminants. The BF7 model is primarily used in large homes or businesses that require a high water demand.

The OB1 and the OB5 is a little more complex and detailed and will require a professional to install.

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