PUR Water Filter Recall
What You Need To Know

Pur water filter recall? Yes it happens sometimes but there is no need to panic.

PUR has manufactured some of the best water filters on the market. In fact, they have some of the highest ratings by consumers online.

Despite their high ratings, Pur has had a few water filter recalls in the past.

These recalls exist because of problems with PUR filters such as cracked units, leaking faucets, or under performing units .

A filter recall can be inconvenient to you because you have to uninstall the filter and then send it off and then wait for one to return. Remember that you have to continue using filtered water, so you will need a filter in the meantime.

Let’s look at how the recall process works, how to file a complaint and tell you the best ways to learn about a Pur water filter recall.

When Will A PUR Water Filter Recall Happen?

A recall may occur when the water safety commission realizes that the unit is not up to standard. Another instance where a recall may occur is when there are significant number of complaints from consumers.

Always remember that a recall is because of safety issues to you and your family.

When a recall is issued, don’t wait too long to return your filter. You should return it immediately. If you wait too long to return a recalled filter or you don’t return it at all, you can be fined by law for up to $5000.

When your filter is recalled, you can ship your filter (free of cost) and they will refund you all your money or replace it with a new filter system. Most persons take the refund and buy another PUR filter because they usually offer PUR water filter coupons as an incentive. There are a few persons that will buy a water filter from another company.

Manufactures should always issue a statement about a recall or post information about a recall on their website but this is not always the case. It would look bad on their reputation, so the next best thing for you to do is to find out about a recall early.

Finding Out About Your PUR Water Filter Recall

The best way to find out about a PUR water filter recall is to contact their customer service by telephone. You can also check their website, your local newspaper, the television or the radio. PUR always advertise their recall.

A new wave of communication has developed to reach out to customers concerning filter problems or recalls. You may also be notified of a recall by text, phone call or email.

Websites to look for PUR filter recall

The consumer Product Safety Commission

Consumer Affairs - You can sign up for water filter recalls and also find out information on just about any filter. In addition, you can make a complaint about any faults or issues that you have. All complaints are taken seriously.

Filing a PUR Water Filter Complaint

You should first try to contact a PUR customer service representative. Before you contact the representative, ensure that you have the model type and year PUR filter.

If you feel like your problems are not being solved, then you should file a complaint at one of the two websites listed above. Also Read:

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