PUR Water Filters Replacement
Cheap and Effective

PUR water filters replacement cartridges are cheap, easy to install and effective.

All PUR replacement cartridges will provide you with clean and crystal clear water instantly.

PUR replacement cartridges usually last between 40 to 100 gallons or 2 to 3 months.

Even though you will have to change your filter cartridges 3 to 4 times a year, PUR replacement filters cartridges cost less than $20. Some of them even cost as low as $5.

There are three (3) main types of PUR replacement filters. There are two (2) for faucet filters (2 stages and 3 stages) and one (1) for pitchers and dispensers.

All types of PUR replacement cartridges and parts are easy to find in both stores and online. All major stores carry PUR water filters replacement cartridges. Online, you can visit PUR’s website, Ebay, PUR and WaterFilters.net

All PUR water filter cartridges are easy to replace and do not require a professional or any tool. In fact, installation of all replacement water filters should take you less than 3 minutes.

Just to be sure, you can follow the manual that comes with the replacement cartridge filter.

Types Of PUR Water Filters Replacement

PUR Mineral Clear Replacement Filter

This filter is used in PUR's 3 stage faucet water filter.

This PUR replacement filter removes over 99% of contaminants from the water.

This particular PUR replacement filter reduces lead, cysts and pharmaceuticals from your water leaving it crystal clear and contaminant free.

One unit will cost about $15 but when you purchase this filter cartridge in packs of 2's or 3's you will pay $12 each. These filter cartridges will last about 2 to 3 months or 100 gallons.

Replacing the filter cartridge is simple and does not require any tool.

PUR Pitcher/Dispenser water Filter Replacement

The replacement filters for the pitchers and dispensers cost roughly $5 and last 40 gallons or 3 months.

The replacement filter is easy to install and does not even require any tool.

It will remove the bad contaminants and leave the beneficial fluoride in your water.

The cartridge is made of activated carbon which is good at fighting chlorine,bad taste and bad odor.

A drawback to this filter is that it no longer comes equipped with a "life indicator", So you will basically have to know when to change your filter.

The best indicator to replace the cartridge is when the "pre" filter installation taste returns, even though sometimes when the taste arrives the cartridge may have required a change earlier.

PUR Classic Clear Faucet Filter Replacement Cartridges

If you are looking for a replacement filter for your PUR 2 stage faucet filter, you should consider the PUR classic clear cartridge.

This cartridge cost from $15 to $20 and last as much as 100 gallons. The capacity will supply you with crystal clear water for 2 to 3 months.

If you thought that replacing the filter cartridge for the PUR 3 stage faucet filter was easy, then you will be surprised that this cartridge is easier to install.

For those persons with a high percentage of lead in their water, this may be the replacement filter for you. It removes over 90% of lead from your water along with other contaminants.

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