Raincoat Water Filter

by Mark

Raincoat Water Purifier

Raincoat Water Purifier

Imagine for a second a raincoat water filter?

No need to imagine anymore because two college students have created a raincoat purifier that is actually designed to be a water filter.

Hyeona Yang and Joshua Noble thought that a raincoat water filter would be perfect for travelling, under developed countries and places where the water is poor and not suitable for consumption.

So how does the Raincoat water filter work?

When rain falls (of course), the water is captured into the collars of the coat.

The water then flows into the jacket and passes through a built in charcoal filter and a chemical purifier.

All the water is then stored into the sleeves and pockets of the coat.

The multiple tubes that you see in the picture is connected to the water storage areas and allows you to drink the filtered water.

The idea of a raincoat water filtration system is great but one has to wonder how effective is it at purifying water.

Most persons argue that the raincoat filter does not have to be very effective because rain water is not as contaminated as other water sources.

Personally, for those persons that travel in rain, this is a good alternative to carrying those heavy bottled water. Remember that it is also a raincoat so it actually protects you from the rain.

A lot of questions concerning cost, replacement filters and weight still need to be answered.

Personally, I like the idea and I am willing to try it.

What do you think? Will a raincoat water filter work? Would you buy one?

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Nov 25, 2011
The Raincoat Water Filter May Actually Work
by: Laurel

This Rain Catch raincoat water filter system may actually work if you are travelling to areas that experience a lot of rainfall.

The way I see it, this jacket works two ways. First it protects me from heavy rain and feeling sick. Secondly, it provides clean and filtered water while enjoying my adventures.

I’m curious to know the cost and the longevity of the raincoat filter. I really hope that it is not as heavy as I think it may be.

We campers don’t like to talk around a lot of weight when we travel.

I’m willing to give it a try.

Oct 08, 2011
i would buy a raincatch water filter
by: Stacy

I like the idea of the raincoat water filter because i travel a lot and usually to areas that experience heavy rain falls.

My major concern is that it may become too heavy when filled with water but i like the idea of walking, being sheltered and drinking mineral water at the same time.

Another concern is i would like to know how good is the quality of water. I'm sure that it's better than before but what impurities will it remove?

How much would a system like this cost?

If the cost is reasonable and the raincoat water filter is beneficial to my health, i think i would buy one and possibly recommend it to my friends.

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