Rainsoft Water Softeners
History, Problems and Reviews

Rainsoft water softeners are designed to turn your hard water into soft water.

They are also designed to save you money from buying more detergent, repairing clogged pipes, and going to the doctor for your skin or hair.

The ultimate goal of Rain Soft water softeners is to produce healthier, safer and softer water for you and your family.

To first understand Rainsoft softeners you must first know how it all started.

Background of Rain Soft Softeners

Rainsoft water softeners are not new to the market. The company began in 1953 in Bensenville, Illionis.

Since then, Rainsoft continued to grow through research and innovation.

Today, Rainsoft water softeners are known worldwide in more than twenty countries. In fact, they have over 150 licensed dealers in these countries.

Each dealership provides the same great customer service to consumers. So if your Rainsoft water softener needs repair or new parts, locate and contact the nearest dealership.

Furthermore, if you are also interested in water filters, Rainsoft also offers water filters as a part of their purification products.

Why Buy a Rainsoft Water Softener?

That is a question that many persons ask. Let's take a look at Rain soft water softeners.

  • Even though rain soft water softeners are made of a strong corrosive resistant material, from time to time the parts will need to be repaired. Rainsoft softener parts can be bought or ordered from any of their 150 dealers around the world. Rainsoft softeners are hard to find online. Your best choice is through a dealer.
  • There is a Rainsoft softener manual for all water softeners. Manuals are easy to read because they are step by step and easy to follow.
  • Rainsoft water softener prices will vary among their systems. While most consumers feel that the prices are a bit high, others believe that it is value for money. Remember that these water softeners can tell you when it’s time to add salt; has a thicker tank for longer durability, and save water by using a system to study your water usage and regenerates accordingly. So, you may just be buying value for money.

Rainsoft Water Softener Problems

Rain soft water softeners are not regularly prone to problems but we have decided to highlight common problems and their solutions.

  • Unavailability of softener parts. Some persons find parts hard to locate and when they do locate the parts the prices are high. The best place to look for Rain soft softener parts is from your local dealer. If you still find difficulty locating parts, contact the headquarters in Illinois.
  • Low salt indicator not working. Remember to reset your salt indicator. This problem is not common but if it occurs call customer service or visits your manual. Remember that you can always use your warranty.
  • Poor customer service? Far from that. Remember that Rainsoft has over 150 dealers (some dealers with two or more offices) over the world so if you can't get through to one then try another one. Not all dealers know exactly how to address specific problems so you may not get an answer right away. Contact any dealer if you discover any problems with Rainsoft softeners.

Rainsoft Water Softener Reviews

There are two main Rain soft water softeners: EC4 series and TC series.

EC4 Series

The EC4 series is specifically designed to remove the top two minerals that cause hard water: calcium and magnesium.

Only requiring low voltage power, this series saves money by reducing your electricity bill.

The valve on the EC4 is self-cleaning. This eliminates the need to continuously clean the valve and allows for continuous high flow rate of water.

The EC4 series offers a limited lifetime warranty for the treatment tank, value, and electrical parts.

Worried that you may purchase the wrong EC4 series? Then ask one of their dealers to test your water and recommend the EC4 series that will match your water needs.

No matter which one you choose, they all come with standard smart-feature processes your household's usage and use the information gathered to soften and regenerate your water.

As a result of this, you save both water and electricity.

TC Series Water Conditioning Systems

The TC series not only softens your water but also filter and conditions your water.

It is basically a 3 in 1 system for one price.

TC series can supply your entire home with softer water, as a result, your soap foam more and your washing machine last longer with fewer maintenance issues.

Like the EC4 series, the TC series have softeners that take individual needs. Find out your needs by contacting a Rainsoft dealer who will be glad to make a recommendation.

The TC series also carries a lifetime warranty and a time saver that will save you money while performing at high standards.

So how does the TC series work? Water flows through the valve and into the resin tank where it is filtered and treated.

After the water is treated, the water flows out the control valve.

Shortly after, the regeneration process begins. Salt is used and the cycle continues.

Rainsoft water softener main problem is the use of salt. For one, the diet that most persons choose today limits the amount of salt intake.

Then there is the additional cost that comes attached with buying salt which is anywhere from $5 to $10 per month.

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