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Rayne Water SoftenerRayne Water Softener

Rayne water softener is available for homes and commercial applications.

The name might not sound familiar but they have been manufacturing water conditioning equipment and filtration products since 1928, Rayne has come a long way.

Today, Rayne water softeners are sold by over sixty (60) authorized dealers primarily in U.S.A. and Mexico.

Rayne softeners have come a long way and continue to maintain its good standards. In fact, Rayne has the Water Quality Association Gold seal ensuring that they are held to the highest standards of the industry.

These certifications came about because Rayne softeners are serviced by only highly-trained and experienced technicians.

Rayne water softener parts are durable and not hard to find. They are available online and through their dealers.

All Rayne home water softeners have lifetime Warranty on valve body, resin tank, resin and salt storage tank. In addition, there is a five years warranty on internal valve parts, timer assembly, and electronics.

For the entire water softener system, there is a one year warranty.

Let's now take a brief look at the two (2) types of Rayne water softeners.

Rayne Home Based Water Softeners

Rayne offers several types of water softeners on the market but their most popular type is their home based water softeners.

Rayne Smart Twin Tank Water Softener- this home based system is easy to program and has a self-based monitoring system that will help you save money, water and salt.

The self-based monitoring system makes the softener regenerate only when necessary.

This is an ultra high-efficiency softener that uses 40% to 60% less salt than the average water softener.

Rayne Guardian Elite (RG 1500) Home Water Softeners- this softener system acts as both a softener system and a water filter system.

In addition to turning your hard water into soft water, this softener system reduces chlorine and removes bad taste and odour from your water.

The Guardian Elite is metered based which allows the softener to measure, analyze and operate effectively without wasting salt or water.

Rayne Guardian (RG 1250) Home Water Softeners- the Guardian RG 1250 also reduces chlorine and removes bad taste and odour from your water.

It is easier to control and has an LCD display that makes it user friendly.

RXD 1500-D Home Water Softeners- with the help of a computerized chip, this Rayne water softener is able to calculate daily usage and regenerates only when needed.

You will save money, water and salt. Your clothes will look much brighter and your skin will feel much better.

High Flow Series Home Water Softeners- this home based water softener is perfect for homes that require a lot of soft water at a constant level.

Built to provide superior flow rates, the High Flow series can also be used for light commercial purposes.

Rayne Diamond Series Home Water Softeners- the diamond series is one of the most affordable softeners of the series.

Its small size is suitable for smaller homes such as one bedroom houses or apartments. Despite its small size, the Rayne Diamond is efficient and produces good quality soft water.

Digitally controlled, the Rayne Diamond system is metered based so it will only regenerate when needed.

Rayne Commercial Water Softener

Rayne currently offers three (3) types of commercial softeners for business purposes.

Light Commercial Water Softener- this type of softener is primarily for small businesses such as beauty salons, condominiums, and restaurants.

Light commercial softeners ensure that even the smallest commercial property will have constant soft water. These softeners are more efficient for small businesses when compared to home water softeners.

Alternating Twin Water Softener- this Rayne water softener is able to provide more soft water at a higher flow rate than the Light Commercial softeners.

You will most likely find this type in Laundries, health clubs, and nursing homes.

What is special about this type of softener is that it is unique twin tank design. This design ensures that when one tank is finished, you will automatically switch to the other tank while the finished tank refills.

This ensures continuous soft water all day long.

Commercial Series Water Softeners- these softeners are used in businesses that operate on a large scale such as resorts, hospitals, and factories.

With this softener, you will experience a reduction in energy costs and repairs.

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