Royal Berkey Water Filter

The Royal Berkey water filter was designed for both outdoors and indoors.

This travelling water filter can be used to purify both treated and untreated water from a variety of sources such as lakes, rivers, streams, and wells.

The Royal Berkey filter can remove bacteria, cysts, and parasites as well as harmful chemicals such as VOC’s, pesticides, herbicides, and trihalomethanes.

Pros of Royal Berkey

  • A good emergency water filter. You don't want to be stranded outdoors without a good water filter that will adequately supply you with filtered water. The Royal Berkey filtration system is a good choice in case you have an emergency. The storage capacity alone allows you to store water for emergencies.
  • Perfect water filter for a group of 1-4 persons on the go. If you like camping or outdoors in a small group, the Royal Berkey may be most suitable.
  • Removes chlorine as well as other contaminants from the water. You will taste the difference the moment you install the Royal Berkey filter.
  • Maintains the minerals in the water. This Berkey water filter ensures that your water remains healthy even after removing all unwanted chemicals and contaminants.
  • The Royal Berkey is not too short in length. You can easily walk up to this filter and check the availability of water remaining in the reservoir.
  • Low maintenance and easy installation. The only real maintenance is cleaning the unit and once you follow the instruction guidelines step by step, the installation will be easy.

Cons of Royal Berkey

  • When it’s time to clean, it may be a bit difficult to clean and assemble the filter. Following the instructions will cleaning the entire filter easier.
  • The Royal Berkey will cost roughly $280. Even though it is worth the price, it may be a bit expensive to most consumers.

    Price is always a key factor when choosing a water filter.


Overall, The Royal Berkey water filter

is one of Berkey’s special water filter system because of what it can do.

It is good for travellers and very effective at removing dangerous contaminants.

Remember that when you are cleaning the Royal Berkey you should follow the manual. Once you do that it will be easy to reassemble.

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