Should You Buy a Salt Free Water Softener?

Advantages and Disadvantages

The decision of buying a salt free water softener is not an easy one. Most persons take months before they make the decision to purchase a salt free softener.

There is the high price factor and then there is the speculation that no salt water softeners are a scam.

So let's take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of a salt free softener as well as what you need to know before you purchase one.

Advantages of No Salt Water Softeners

  • An advantage of no salt water softeners is that there is no need to constantly refill the softener with salt.

    The resin has a longer lifespan than salt.

    A Salt free softener uses resins rather than salt to neutralize hard minerals in the water. So you save a lot of money from buying sale every month.

  • Another advantage is the use of little or no electricity to operate the system. That is because most salt free softeners have no valve mechanism.
  • Another advantage is that installation and maintenance are most times cheaper than a salt softener because a salt free softener doesn't require an outlet and no valve.
  • You also save water because there is no regeneration. Most salt water softeners use thousands of gallons a year in households for regeneration. With no salt water softeners, you save all that water and electricity used in the process

Disadvantages of Salt Free Softeners

  • A disadvantage of a Salt free softener is that the softener system will actually be more expensive than a salt water softener. This results in the salt free softener costing upwards of 10 % more than your salt softener.

    Most salt free units cost fromm $1,000 to $3,000. This may be a lot for most consumers.

  • Another disadvantage of a salt free softener is that lime scale can build up wherever water is still. That means that you would have to continuously remove scale from your water heater being that a salt free water softener cannot prevent mineral deposits.

    However, there are a few no salt water softeners that can prevent scale build up. That is because before the magnetic reaction, they use a catalytic device that washes out the water through the pipes without attaching the particles to the pipes or water heaters.

Before Buying a Salt Free Softener You Must Know Several Things:

  1. Salt free water softeners cannot remove harmful chemicals, viruses and bacteria. Water softeners are not water filters or water purifiers.
  2. They cannot totally prevent scaling. Other factors contribute to scaling other than salt.
  3. No salt water softeners are not very effective on water levels above 75 grains per gallon. So if your water is very hard, a saltless system alone may not be a good choice.
  4. Some persons say that a salt water softener gives your clothes a special feeling, something like a smooth slick feeling. It actually does because it removes the "hardness" from your water and makes it "soft and nice".

A salt free water softener is a good choice for persons who worry about the using salt to soften their water. But before you buy a salt free water softener, ensure that it is within your budget, effective at softening your water and durable.

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