Salt Water Aquarium Filters
Clean And Healthy Aquarium

Salt water aquarium filters will ensure that your aquarium is always clean and healthy.

Your aquarium at home should be properly filtered to ensure that you have clean and healthy water for your fish.

An aquarium water filter will reduce the amount of waste material and bacteria in the water that will affect your fish.

We will now take a look at the most popular salt water filters then we will show you how to choose the best salt water filtration system.

Most Popular Salt Water Aquarium Filters

Biological Filters- these salt water aquarium filters are found mainly in salt water tanks. This aquarium filtration system focuses on bacteria which exist in the water, on the rocks and in the water.

The bacteria transform toxic material into a safer state, which can be utilized in plant life.

Mechanical Filters - this filter type uses a filtration medium such as gravel, sand, carbon or foam.

This filter medium is very effective at filtering fish waste or bits of fish food. Mechanical filters will make your fish tank cleaner and healthier.

Sterilization- this method is a little more extreme in that when you sterilize the water you kill both good and bad bacteria.

If you decide to use this method, only small allotment of sterilizer should be used because too much will affect the fish.

Chemical Filtration System- this is similar to the mechanical filter for aquariums.

The chemical filtration system uses substances to absorb and then remove dangerous chemicals from the water.

External Canister Filters- if you have a large tank, then this maybe the salt water aquarium filter for you.

This is because if you place it inside the tank it would take up too much space. The external canister filters will neatly fit on the outside of your aquarium. This ensures a lot of space is inside the aquarium.

Under gravel Water Filters- with this filter system, you have to place a plate with small holes under the substrate.

The water is filtered when it passes through the small holes in the substrate.

Even though this method has a level of success, it is not the best option for fish tanks where the fish likes to stay under the substrate or in the gravel. This is because they will affect the function of the substrate, which is the filtration medium.

Protein Skimmers- is the best salt water aquarium filter to buy if you want to get rid of that yellowish green water that you may experience from time to time.

Protein skimmers use air to make bubbles that capture any debris in the water and then take it to a filter container located at the top of the filter.

Your water will look much clearer and will also be cleaner.

How To Choose The Best Salt Water Aquarium Filter

Choosing a Salt water aquarium filter is not as simple as you may think. For instance, there are many types of filters and each filter has to be used in a special circumstance.

What is suitable for someone else may not be suitable for you.

Let us take a look at a few tips that you should follow before you settle for a water filter for your aquarium.

  1. Contaminants you are trying to remove. Remember that each aquarium filter removes different types of contaminants.

    You want to ensure that you buy a system that removes the bad minerals and bacteria and leave the good ones. Removing the good ones will affect the livelihood of the fish.

    Is your main concern the color of the water or the contaminants in the water?

  2. Tank size How large is your tank? If you have a small tank, then you should look at an external canister filter.

    A large tank needs a powerful aquarium filter that will be effective enough to properly clean a large tank with a lot of water.

  3. Space in the tank The filter you choose should allow for space in your tank for the fish to freely move around.

    If the filter is too large for the tank, you should try to get a filter that will pump water into the tank from an external filter.

    A crowded tank is unattractive, unhealthy and will be difficult to clean.

  4. Cost You have to ensure that the price is within your budget. Aquarium filters can range from $20 to a few hundred dollars.

    Don't go for the cheapest one. Look for one that offers the best value for your money.

  5. Maintenance The aquarium filter that you choose should be able to be installed and maintained by you. It can be costly if you have to pay someone every time you want to maintain a clean, healthy and clear aquarium.

    The AquaClear 70 Aquarium Power Filter is a perfect example of maintenance free filter. The sponges are reusable and can be washed inside of the aquarium water. This means that you don't need to continuously buy a new filter.

    The Aquaclear 70 is a very good mechanical filter but a not so good biological filter.

    You will also find that this filter has a very good flow control which allows you to switch from small to large tanks. This will save you money from buying a new filter when making the switch.

  6. Availability of parts Any filter that you choose for your aquarium must have parts readily available. You will experience too many problems if you cannot find parts to repair your filter.

    If you can't get a salt water aquarium filter now, get salt water algae in your tank. The algae will stabilize the water and make your water healthier.

We hope that the information that you find here will assist you in choosing the best aquarium filter. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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