Samsung Water Filter Review

A Samsung water filter is one of the most popular water filter system on the market today. Their most favoured filter system is their refrigerator water filters.

Every new model Samsung refrigerator comes equipped with one of their refrigerator water filter.

Samsung water filters are loved all over the world because of their affordable prices, variety, quality and easy installation.

A Samsung refrigerator water filter will cost on average $22 and is much cheaper when purchased in packs of 2's and 3's.

Samsung currently carries up to six (6) models of refrigerator water filters on the market. You are guaranteed to find one for every type of refrigerator on the market.

Samsung filters are durable and will last at least 6 months before it is required to change the filter cartridge.

Changing a Samsung water filtration system is easy. It requires no tools and takes less than five (5) minutes for any model.

Let's now take a look at a few Samsung water filtration systems reviews.

Samsung Water Filter Reviews

Samsung HAFCU1 Refrigerator Water Filter

This particular model cost $30 and is worth every dollar. It is also the largest of the three (3) main types of Samsung filters. The Samsung HAFCU1 is 3 inches wide and 6 inches high.

The Samsung HAFCU1 uses a carbon block filter to remove over 99% of dangerous contaminants from water such as chlorine, cysts, mercury, lead and bad taste and odour.

This filter will leave your water tasting much better.

What's special about this Samsung model is that it retains fluoride which is beneficial to your health, especially among young children.

The Samsung HACFU1 is compatible with several Samsung refrigerators types.

You should replace this model filter every 6 months or so. Replacing the Samsung filter cartridge only takes about 2 minutes.

Samsung DA29-0020B Refrigerator Water Filter

The Samsung DA29-0020B refrigerator water filter will remove bad contaminants from your water as well as protect your refrigerator from sediments.

For $33.77, you will enjoy pure tasting water for 6 to 8 months.

This Samsung fridge freezer water filter will retain beneficial minerals, while removing all the bad contaminants.

It must be noted that this is a very small version and is compatible with many types of refrigerators.

Water Sentinel Samsung Replacement Filter

This Water Sentinel refrigerator filter will cost about $20 for one or about $15 per one if you buy them in packs of 4. Packs of four (4) will last you for about 2 years.

The water sentinel filter is very affordable and works just as good as other expensive brands on the market. In fact, the filter meets and exceeds OEM standards.

Installation is simple and easy. Just ensure that the connection to the refrigerator is secured.

Whichever Samsung water filter you choose, ensure that it is compatible with your refrigerator. You can do this by contacting a Samsung representative.

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