Sears Water Softener
A Complete Water Softener System

Sears Water SoftenerSears Water Softener

A sears water softener may be the perfect softener system that you are looking for.

A Sears softener, offered under the Kenmore line, is known for eliminating the ill effects of hard water which can cost you hundreds of dollars a year.

Sears water softeners range in prices and sizes. You will find prices ranging from several hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars.

Regardless of the type of water softener system you choose at Sears, you can be guaranteed that you will no longer experience hard water.

Here's What To Expect

  • It actually works. Sears softener will turn your hard water into soft water. You will soon realize that you will use less detergent to wash your clothes and you will also use less cleaning chemicals to clean your home. That is because the system effectively break down the calcium and magnesium in your water so less cleaning agents will be needed to do the same work.
  • You should experience higher water flow rates. All the previous scale build up that you had will be gone. The hard water will no longer cause scale, to attach itself to the inside of your pipes and damage your plumbing system.
  • Appliances such as water heaters, washing machine, dishwasher, coffee maker, kettle, and refrigerator filter should operate more efficiently. Hard water can sometimes cause the scale to build up in these appliances which can cause them to malfunction, or even worse, damage them. In fact, hard water causes your water heater to work harder and longer to produce hot water and as a result, your electricity bill will increase. Sears water softener provides soft and clean water that eliminates all these problems.
  • Reduction in your electricity bill. Sears softeners are very energy efficient and use very little electricity to soften your water.

In fact, all your appliances will operate more efficiently and use less energy because Sears softeners remove scale build up in pipes and appliances.

Common Features of Sears Softeners

  1. Electronic demand-initiated regeneration. Their regeneration process will make your water softener regenerate only when necessary. Sears ensures that their water softeners don't waste salt and water. The water softeners will monitor your water usage and regenerate only when necessary, so you will spend less money on your electricity bills.
  2. Salt Efficient- Sears softeners don't use a lot of salt to regenerate. All Sears softeners are salt efficient. You don't have to continuously buy bags of salt because all Sears softeners are designed to use less salt and still operate efficiently.
  3. Sediment Prevention- All Sears softeners act as sediment filters in that they remove sediments from your water and prevent any form of sediments clogging your pipes. Sediments are also dangerous for your health so it’s good that Sears water softeners remove them.
  4. Complete Installation Kit- When you buy a Sears softener, there is no need to buy any extra parts or connections. All the parts are included when you buy a water softener from Sears. All you have to do is install the water softener system or get a professional to install one for you.
  5. Ten years of warranty on brine leaks and three years all electronics. There is also a One year warranty on the whole unit. Sears ensures that all their water softeners carry a good warranty in case of any repairs or damages.
  6. At least 200 pounds of salt storage- You will find that Sears softeners have at least 200 pounds of salt storage. This large salt storage capacity ensures that you don't have to continuously refill your tank with salt. You can fill a Sears softener with salt once and don't have to refill it for weeks.
  7. Sears Water Softener Parts- All Sears softener parts are available worldwide. You won't have any problem sourcing any parts for Sears softeners because they can be bought online or through any Sears authorized dealers.

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