SteriPEN Classic Handheld Water Purifier

by Krivda
(new york)

I bought the SteriPEN classic system for $70 online. I felt that it was a better bargain and cheaper than buying the SteriPEN hand purifier alone for $55.

For $15 more I got several items that would have cost me a lot more.

Included in the system is a pre filter which came in handy because most times my water was cloudy and needed treatment from the pre filter before using the SteriPEN.

With the system I also received a free bottle to store my water. The bottle is small, lightweight and neat. This saved me time from having to wait to purify more water at a later time.

I was also blessed with a case to carry all these items. This came in handy because I always wanted a bag just for my filter system.

The only thing that was not included was the four batteries that are needed to operate the SteriPEN.

Make sure you buy lithium batteries because out of all the batteries they seem to work best and they last very long.

When I say long-lasting, I’m talking about 4 batteries lasting over two hundred purification treatments which are about the same as 100 litres.

One of the best features of the SteriPEN classic purifier is that it is lightweight. When you think of any type of Steripen purifier, you think about weight.

I knew the system was lightweight but I had no idea that it only weighed 5.7 oz and looks exactly like my favourite ballpoint pen.

I love my SteriPEN Classic Handheld Water Purifier. It is lightweight and very effective.

I was even more surprised to find out that the SteriPEN Classic system will purify 16oz of water in approximately 48 seconds and 32oz in a minute and a half.

Some persons may find this purification time may be too slow for some persons but I don’t mind waiting on a process that eliminates waterborne diseases from my water source in a matter of seconds.

I take trips very often and you will be surprised at the cost for bottle water and the poor quality of tap water.

I use to buy iodine tablets but those didn't seem to be very effective on most of my trips, especially to countries with poor quality water. A good example is Haiti where I do a lot of charity work.

Please dry your SteriPEN Classic Handheld Water Purifier before you store it.

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