Surge Water Softener
For Homes and Businesses

Surge Water Softener

A Surge water softener will transform your hard water into soft water.

Surge water softeners eliminate water hardness that will build up in all your appliances and also makes washing your clothes much easier.

Surge started in 1970 supplying residential water softeners to homeowners in Minnesota.

Today, Surge not only manufactures water softeners for homeowners but also small businesses and major corporations.

With over 500,000 units sold, Surge softeners continue to satisfy their customers, especially with their unique customer service.

Surge Water Softener Customer Service

Surge's customer service is one of the best in the industry. They will first do a FREE water analysis to better understand which Surge water softener is best for you.

Once in operation, the technicians will inspect your brine tank's level and condition.

They will also check the softener's timers and meters settings to ensure that they are correct.

You will also receive free installation of water softeners by experienced technicians. No need to pay extra for installation. Everything is included when you buy a Surge softener from one of their dealers.

When it is time to refill the salt in your water softener, you can use either solar salt crystals or pellet salt. Four bags of salt should fill your tank.

If you are not sure when to refill your tank, no need to worry. Surge technicians will monitor and refill your water softener with salt needed, so you don't have to think about when to refill your water softener.

In case you have an emergency within regular operating hours or after, Surge provides 24-hour emergency service available after hours. They are always there for you assisting you with whatever problems you may encounter.

Surge softeners are not the cheapest on the market so they ensure that they always have specials. You should always check Surge's website for special offers on water softeners and salt.

Surge Home Water Softeners Reviews

Premiere Water Softener- this type of water softener is both simple and durable.

You will love the fact that the premiere is basically maintenance free with a very good flow because there are no flapper valves or breaker points to disrupt the flow rate or malfunction the softener.

Most water softeners are five (5) cycles but Surge Premiere softeners are eight (8) cycles which means that it will remove more salt than normal and also remove twice as much iron. Your clothes will need less detergent to wash and your hair and skin will look and feel healthier.

These water softeners are available in both metered and time clock models. If your water use is consistent, then you may want to choose the time clock model but if your water use fluctuates then the metered model may be best suited for you.

All Premiere softeners have a double safety brine control and float control to eliminate any overflowing.

Twin Turbo Softener- uses a non- electric meter to monitor your water usage so that your water softener will only regenerate when needed. You will save water, salt, energy and money.

With a Twin Turbo Surge Softener, you will always have water because when one tank is busy regenerating, the other tank will supply water. The lifespan of your appliances such as your water heater and kettle will extend because there will be no scale build up.

This water softener system also features automatic bypass valves and double feature brine safety to prevent overflowing, which is a common problem with most water softeners.

Deluxe Softener- with only one moving part, the Deluxe water softener is basically maintenance free.

Even though this is not an eight (8) cycle softener, its six (6) cycle design allows for better quality water and a higher iron removal than normal.

Available in both metered and time clock settings, you will find a deluxe softener to match your needs.

No need to worry about your brine tank overflowing because all Deluxe Surge softeners are designed with bypass valves and double safety brine control.

It may seem like a difficult decision to choose which Surge water softener to choose but Surge customer service makes it much easier because they provide a free water analysis that will let you know which Surge water softener is most suitable for your needs.

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