Travel Berkey Water Filter Review
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Travel Berkey Water FilterTravel Berkey Water Filter

The Travel Berkey water filter is the ultimate travelling water filter offered by them.

Priced slightly below $250, this water filter is good for both indoors and outdoors.

This filter is good at purifying treated and untreated water.

Remember, this water filter was designed to handle the toughest outdoor conditions when travelling, so it’s not a matter of where you are going but when you are going.

Benefits of The Travel Berkey

  • No electricity needed. You will save on your electricity bill while enjoying pure filtered water. You can use this filter without worrying about electricity.
  • Better tasting water. After you flush your filter and begin to drink the water, you will almost immediately taste the difference.

    Your water will taste so much better and this is regardless of the water source.

  • Removes bad contaminants and leaves the good ones. The Travel Berkey water filter removes most contaminants and leaves the good minerals in your water. This makes your water healthier and safer for consumption.

    Not many travel filters will retain the good minerals. Some will remove the beneficial minerals and you don't want that. Beneficial minerals are very important when you travel because they are basically a form of vitamin.

  • Perfect for travelling. Many people hail the Travel Berkey as one of the best “travelling water filters” on the market because of its durability and effectiveness.

    The Travel Berkey is strong and powerful when it comes to producing filtered water regardless of the state of the water.

    The stainless steel design makes it both classy and trendy. This is one of those filter systems that you can take anywhere and be proud. This is not one of those ugly filters that you don't want to take out of your bag.

  • Holds 1.5 gallons of water. This is sufficient enough water for 1- 3 persons without worrying if you will have enough water to last an hour.

    The 1.5 gallons is lightweight and makes this water filter system perfect for travelling.

    What we like about this feature is that the filter is not too lightweight or heavy when taking short or long trips.

Concerns About The Travel Berkey

  • The Price might be too expensive to some persons. $250 is still a lot of money to pay upfront for a water filter system. For persons who don’t travel a lot, they may be tempted to buy bottled water.

    We believe that the Travel Berkey has this price tag because of key features such as durability, effectiveness and quality of water.

    For the person concerned about money, there are other cheaper filters on the market that you can use.

  • While the steel and iron parts of the Travel Berkey filter are durable, if you are not careful you could break the plastic part of the filter.

    We have heard several stories of persons who break their Travel Berkey in less than a month. You must be careful at all times when cleaning and carrying this filter system.


Overall, the Travel Berkey water filter

is a good choice for the avid traveller. Whether you are hiking, camping or driving your RV, the Travel Berkey will ensure clean water wherever you may go.

The initial price may seem high but you will definitely get value for your money.

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