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under counter water filter

An under counter water filter, also known as an under sink water filter, is a filtration system that will provide pure filtered water from your faucet without taking up much counter space.

An under counter filter is different from a counter top filter because an undersink water filter is installed under your counter, whereas the counter top system is installed on your counter. So one of the advantages of an under counter system is that it saves a lot of space on your counter.

Lets now take a look at how an undercounter water filter works.

Further on you can look through a few reviews from our visitors and find out which under counter system we highly recommend about our number one recommendation.

How Does An Under Counter Water Filter Work?

how does an under counter water filter work

An under counter water filter has two main parts: the faucet and the cartridge pack.

The faucet that comes with the under counter system is usually installed beside your original faucet. The faucet that is included in the under counter system package, is for filtered water only (please view diagram for illustration).

Now the water filter cartridge pack is installed below the faucet and is not visible to the public. The cartridge pack is usually attached to the wall or the cupboard.

After the water enters the cartridge, the water goes though a filtration process which is usually 2 to 7 stages of complete filtration. The filtered water is released instantly through the faucet attached to the filter system.

Most persons let their original faucet remain as well as the filter faucet. That way they can cook or clean with the tap water and drink filtered water from the new faucet.

An under sink water filter is one of the best and easiest ways to get filtered water. All you have to do is turn on your faucet and out comes the water.

Benefits Of An Undercounter Water Filter

When you buy an under counter water filter you will receive several benefits that other filters may not be able to give you.

Let’s take a look at a few benefits to be derived from buying an undercounter water filter system.

  • Clean Filtered Water. You will get clean contaminant free water from your faucet. The best under counter water filter systems remove hundreds of contaminants from your water. These contaminants have for years polluted the water and even negatively affected our health.
  • Less Expensive than a whole house water filter and almost as effective. An under counter filter is the next best thing to a whole house filter. In fact, there are quite a few under counter filter systems that are just as effective as whole house water filters. In other words, an under counter system is a more cost effective approach to a complete filtration system.

    Under counter water filters are very effective because unlike dispensers, counter top filters and refrigerator filters, under counter filters use multiple filtration stages ranging from 2 to 7 stages. This allows for a very high percentage of removal of contaminants from your water.

  • Affordable Replacement Cartridges.When compared to replacement cartridges for whole house water filters, under counter replacement cartridges are cheap. Under counter filters usually cost less than $50. This is a very good price for cartridges that last 4 to 6 months on average.
  • Installation is not difficult. Even though a plumber usually installs an under counter system, installation can be done by yourself. Installation usually takes 30 to 60 minutes on average. The hardest part of the installation process is attaching the cartridge holder below the faucet. Once you get that done the rest of the process is easy.

    Under counter filters can be installed at any faucet. This include kitchen, bathroom and washing room.

  • Below is a video taken from youtube.com that demonstrates how to install an under counter filter.

  • Saves a lot of Space. Compared to countertop water filters, under sink water filters will not take up much space like a counter top water filter would.

    Whereas counter top water filter cartridge housing are placed on top of your counter, the under counter filter cartridge is installed under the faucet.

    For persons with limited counter space this system is for you.

    With the cartridge under your faucet, persons won't know that you have an under counter filter system unless you tell them.

  • Available with a separate faucet. These systems are sold with a separate faucet from the original faucet. With the two faucets, this gives you the option of switching between tap water and filtered water.
  • Removes over 97% of contaminants. The best under counter filters remove over 99% contaminants but the average filter on the market removes over 97%. Under counter water filters usually remove bad odor, chlorine, lead, mercury,THM's, sediments, bad taste, bad odor, cysts and more.
  • Cartridges have a long lifespan. The lifespan of under counter replacement cartridges varies from 100 gallons to 30,000 gallons.

    When choosing an under counter filter, you will want to buy one that can last at least 200 gallons. Anything less than 200 gallons will have you buying replacement cartridges every month.

  • For the most part, these systems are carbon based water filters. Most under counter filters are designed to remove many contaminants and the main one is chlorine. Carbon based filter is most. Effective of removing chlorine and it’s by products.
  • A few utilize the reverse osmosis filtration process. Even though the reverse osmosis systems are more expensive than carbon based under counter filters, they are very effective. These filter systems are so effective that they will remove over 99.9% contaminants from your water.
  • Maintenance ranges from 1 to 5 years and warranty from 1 year upwards. Most under counter filters are maintenance free. The only maintaining requires changing the filter cartridge.

    In case the faucet, cartridge holder or the filter system leaks, you can be assured that the warranty will cover repairs. Always check the time period for the warranty and report any problems.

  • Using an under sink filter is equivalent to less than $0.30 per gallon. Buying an under counter water filter system will save you a great amount of money because it is cheaper than buying bottled water. The average system is equivalent to $0.10 per gallon.

Choosing An Under Counter Water Filter

We have decided to review a few important factors that you should seriously look into when choosing the best under counter water filter system.

  • Removal of contaminants

    Ensure that the under counter filter that you choose will remove the contaminants that you want to remove. In addition, ensure that the system will not only remove the contaminants but a high percentage of the contaminants. Always remember that there is a big difference between 97% and 99% contaminant removal percentage.

  • Price and cost per Gallon

    Be careful because there are under counter systems on the market selling for $50 and their replacement cartridge cost the same. There are also under counter systems on the market that require a replacement cartridge every 100 or 200 gallons. These under counter systems should not be your first choice because they will cost you more money in the long run.

  • Availability of parts and customer service

    You should only buy an under counter filter from a company with a good track record of excellent customer service. Remember that you will need to call customer service in case of an emergency, repair or installation. They should be able to give you step by step instructions, make you feel comfortable and satisfied.

    You should also ensure that spare parts are readily available. No one wants to wait too long for parts to fix or improve their filter system.

  • Installation and Maintenance

    Installation should be easy and maintenance should be almost free. Remember that you will have to replace the cartridge so any unwanted maintenance charges will definitely hurt your pocket.

  • Certification

    Most under counter manufacturer will exaggerate the effectiveness of their filter systems. How many of them are actually real? The only way to truly know is to check their certification. A popular website to visit is NSF . Ensure that whatever contaminant that you want removed is actually removed and at a high percentage (over 98%).

After looking at the key factors, it is now time to make your decision. Choosing an under counter filter is not something that is done quickly. Reading a lot of good reviews is always important.

If time is against you, there is one system that we highly recommend at this moment.

We highly recommend the Aquasana Under sink water filter. Presently, this is the best under counter water filter on the market it terms of effectiveness and efficiency. This filter system is affordable and powerful.

The only problem that we had with this system was the faucet. It seems that after a few months it would constantly drip, sometimes filling up a container of water.

Luckily, Aquasana has addressed this problem with a newly designed faucet. The new faucet has an old European look to it but it works perfectly.

For more information you can visit our page on Aquasana Under Sink Filter.

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