Water Sediment Filters
Remove Those Harmful Visible Contaminants

Water sediment filters remove visible contaminants from your water such as dirt, rock, sand grains, rust particles, organic matter, clay particles and other visible contaminants.

Most persons know when they have a sediment problem.

Majority of the times you will see the sediments settle at the bottle of your drinking glass. If this is the case then you have a severe case of sediments.

Sediment filters basically act as water strainers. They will remove all small particles in your water.

Overall ,sediment particles in your water are not good for your health and the lifespan of your appliances.

For humans, they are dangerous to our health. If inhaled, especially over long periods of time, it can cause respiratory problems and other serious health issues.

With regards to your appliances, sediments will clog your pipes and adversely affect the operation of your household appliances.

Removing sediments will allow your shower, toilets and pipes to run much better. You will experience a higher and faster water flow.

Majority Of Sediment Filters Are Either Cartridge Or Bag Filters

Cartridge filters are usually made of cloth or paper and are most suitable for residential purposes.

Cartridge filters should be replaced after a certain time to allow maximum filtration force.

If sediment water filter cartridges are not replaced, it may cause a sharp reduction in water flow as well as the quality of the water.

With a bag filter the particles are trapped inside a bag type filter and then removed from the filter periodically. This type of filter is not replaced; instead, the sediment water filter bag is cleaned and the filter reused.

The bag filter eliminates the cost of replacing water filter cartridges.

Water sediment filters are very effective at removing particles from every source of water. In fact, there is even a sediment filter for well water.

Some of the best sediment filters are made by Aquasana, Big Blue, Culligan, Brita and Aqua Pure.

Purpose Of A Sediment Water Filter

A water sediment filter is designed to remove larger particles from your water.

This allows the sediment filter to capture particles that other types of filters with lower micron levels cannot effectively capture because the larger particles would damage their cartridge medium.

To be very effective, water sediment filters are usually used in conjunction with other filter to provide a complete filtration process.

At first, the sediment filter removes the larger particles then the other filter, with a lower micron level, removes other smaller contaminants such as bacteria, cysts and THM's, which the sediment filter cannot remove.

A sediment filter is perfect for anyone whose water has visible particles and would like to remove those particles in the water that can be disturbing.

Those particles include the ones that you may see at the bottom of your drinking glass when the water settles or the particles that you see at the bottom of your toilet.

Types Of Sediment Water Filters

Faucet Sediment Filters: If you are looking to primarily filter the water that you drink, a faucet sediment filter is perfect for you.

A faucet water sediment filter removes sediments from you water right before it comes out of your faucet.

There are two types of faucet sediment filters: countertop and under counter. Both filters are very effective the only difference is that the countertop filter is placed on the counter while the under counter filter system is installed below your sink.

The cartridge type for faucet sediment filters is usually carbon based. Faucet sediment filter will cost you anywhere from a low of $9.99 to a high of $150.

Whole House Sediment Filters: this type of filter is connected to your main water source and it filters the water before it enters your home. So your entire home will be sediment free.

Whole house sediment water filters are usually carbon based and they can filter more than sediments.

These filter systems are referred to as multistage sediment filter systems.

That is because they usually have several layers of filter cartridges that remove sediments along with chlorine, lead and other contaminants..... ….read more

Sediment Filter vs. Other Water Filters

The major difference between sediment filters and other types of filters on the market is that a sediment filter is specifically designed to remove larger visible particles in the water while other types of filtration systems like a reverse osmosis system will remove bacteria, chlorine, lead, THM's and many more.

An advantage of a sediment filter over other types of filter systems is that other filter systems are not durable enough to remove sediments and if your water contains too much sediments the filter system will malfunction.

This is why most people buy a sediment filter and a filter with a smaller micron level. The sediment filter removes the large particles and allows the other filter type to focus on the smaller particles.

Another advantage of water sediment filters is that they are usually cheaper than other filter systems.

Sediment filter price starts at about $9. In fact, it is easy to make a water filter that can remove sediments from your water than to make a water filter that can remove cysts, THM’s and bacteria.

So if you have a problem with sediments in your water, you should buy a sediment water filter.


You should never mistake a sediment filter for other types of water filters.

A sediment filter is never good enough but it is very helpful in fighting the problem of sediments.

Likewise, you should not try to cut cost and buy a lower level micron filter that focuses on chemicals when the problem of sediments exist.

We recommend that persons with a sediment problem install a sediment filter first and than another filter to treat chemicals and other smaller contaminants.

If you don't have a sediment problem, we recommend that you only buy a good counter top filter or a good under sink filter.

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