Water Softeners and Septic Systems

by gregory

What is the relationship between water softeners and septic systems?

I know that there is a connection between sodium salts that water softeners use and the bacteria that is present in septic systems.

You see, it is extremely difficult for bacteria to survive in a salty environment and the waste water from the regeneration process of the softener that goes into the septic system can affect the performance of the septic systems.
But this all depends on the level of salt from the water softener because most times water softeners discharge water will low levels of salt but at other times the salt level increases.

On the other hand, my friend told me that there might be a positive effect between water softeners and septic systems because

I really want to know if in the long run what effects will my water softener have on my septic system.

Will the effect be positive or negative?

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