Waterboss Water Softener Problems

by michael
(New Jersey)

I have had numerous Waterboss water softener problems for the past few months.

I tried calling customer service but all they told me to do is to regenerate my water softener system more often. So i regenerated the system a few more times a week, only to have the same results.

I'm here at best-water-purification-reviews.com because i tried several other forums and no response. I tried Water Boss troubleshooting guidelines and that just does not work.

The problem i am having with my Waterboss softener is that it does not produce soft water consistently.

What do i mean by consistent?

For example, last week Monday my water was perfect. It was soft and nice and just the way i love it. Tuesday was the same thing. Then on Wednesday, the water went back to being hard.
How do i know that it was hard?

I saw deposits on my plates when I washed them. When the water is soft i would never see deposits. Another way i realised that hard water had returned was when I placed a load of clothes into the washing machine that night (Wednesday).

When my water is soft, I usually use two cups of soap to properly wash a large load of clothes .On the other hand, when the water is hard I use 4 to 5 cups of soap to wash the same load of clothes.

Anyways, on Wednesday i used 2 cups of soap and when my clothes were done i realised that they weren’t washed properly.

Let’s just say all the signs were there for hard water.

On Thursday my water was soft but not 100% like what i had become accustomed to. On Friday it was completely soft because I used 3 cups of soap to wash a large load and when the machine stopped i had to give it a extra rinse because the clothes still had a bit of soap.

Excuse me for not asking if this is normal behaviour but I’m frustrated. I just can’t deal with soft water today and then hard water tomorrow.

What should I check? What should i do? Can someone please assist me in fixing my Waterboss water softener problems?

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Mar 26, 2011
Water Softener Not Producing Enough Salt
by: Karl

Hey, Just check out the water softener troubleshooting page on this website. There is a solution for your water softener problem as well as other current problems.

The troubleshooting exercise will help you a lot.

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