Watts Reverse Osmosis
4-Stage and 5-Stage Filters

Watts Reverse Osmosis Water Filter SystemWatts Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System

Watts reverse osmosis systems are known for their 4 stage and 5 stage filtration processes.

Watts premier reverse osmosis water filters are specially designed for homes and small businesses.

They will supply you with several gallons of water a day ranging from 18 to 75 gallons a day, regardless of your water source.

Watts premier started a business in 1989 with the purpose of developing high-quality water treatment systems at an affordable price.

Watts premier has been able to follow through with their main goal and at the same time provide good quality customer service support around the world.

All their products are researched and designed by experts. Should you have any questions, you can always call their customer service.

Watts Reverse Osmosis Replacement Filters

Watts offer over 30 replacement cartridges ranging in sizes and prices.

Prices start as low as $7.99 to a high of $115 for reverse osmosis membranes.

The pre-filters are sold according to micron sizes and the membranes are sold according to gallons per day. So you may buy a 35 g.p.d. membrane for $70 or buy a $115 membrane that has a 75 g.p.d. capacity.

Watts premier reverse osmosis pre-filters should be replaced every 6 months. Changing the pre-filters every six (6) months will ensure that sediments and chlorine in the water are eliminated.

For persons who find the pre-filter replacement cartridges a bit expensive, you can use other filter brands once they match the requirements stated by Watts.

For example, the sediment filter should be 5-micron x 10-inch cartridge and the carbon pre-filter should be 10 inches in length.

  Watts Reverse Osmosis Systems are In Demand for A Reason

Most persons love Watts reverse osmosis water filter systems because they have not two or three stages of filtration but a 4 and a 5 stage water filtration system.

The first stage includes 5-micron sediment pre-filter that eliminates most sediment such as rocks, rust, dirt, and sand.

The second stage uses a 5-micron carbon water filter that eliminates a very high percentage of chlorine, bad tastes, bad odour and other contaminants.

The next stage is the heart of the process. This is where the water is forced through the membrane of the Watts reverse osmosis system.

Tiny pores in the membrane will only allow clean and filtered water to pass through. The contaminated water is waste water and this is diverted away from the filtered water.

For the final stage, a post water filter is used to remove any impurities that may have passed through.

This process is for the Watts 4 stage system. For the Watts 5 stage reverse osmosis filter, the same process is followed with the addition of a third pre-filter which is a carbon based filter.

This carbon water filter ensures that by the time the water reaches the membrane, it should be easier to filter the water because the membrane will focus on microscopic contaminants.

Another reason why Watts’s premier reverse osmosis system is special is that Watts is constantly updating and upgrading their models.

For example, their 4 stage and 5 stage reverse osmosis water filter have been upgraded to include a manifold design that reduces the number of connection to the system which in turn reduces the number of cases of leaks.

All Watts premier reverse osmosis systems use thin film membranes (TFM). This type of membrane is manufactured with synthetic material and requires chlorine to be removed to perform well; hence, the carbon pre-filters.

The TFM membrane gives Watts an advantage over reverse osmosis manufacturers that use cellulose triacetate membranes because TFMs last 1 to 2 years longer and have an additional 5 % removal rate of impurities.

In fact, reverse osmosis watts filters will remove over 99.8% of lead, TDS, barium, cysts and many more.

 Watts Reverse Osmosis Water Filters Review

Watts Stage 4 Reverse Osmosis System

The Watts stage 4 reverse osmosis system is most suitable for offices, homes and small businesses.

This reverse osmosis system comprises of two pre-filters, a membrane, and a post filter.

This watts reverse osmosis system will remove over 99% of contaminants from your water resulting in clean and pure water.... read more

Watts Stage 5 Reverse Osmosis Systems

The stage 5 Watts reverse osmosis water filter is a bit more efficient.

It comprises of 3 pre-filters, a membrane, and a post filter. The third pre-filter is a carbon filter that further reduces chlorine, bad tastes, and odour.

This system will produce one of the best tasting water around.

The air gap faucet makes a hissing sound but that can be corrected by installing a check valve.

With a Watts stage 5 reverse osmosis system.... read more

Watts Zero Waste Retrofit Kit

This kit is actually used to save hundreds of gallons of water a year.

Reverse osmosis filters are accustomed to using 4 or more gallons of water to produce 1 gallon of pure filtered water.

The zero waste retrofit kit will convert your existing reverse osmosis system into a water saving device by adding this kit to any Watts reverse osmosis system.

What the kit does is pump the rinse water over to the hot water side of your water supply rather than down the drain.

The rinse water is then mixed with the hot water. Remember that the water coming from this side is not usually used for drinking or cooking; thus, the water can be used for other purposes without being wasted.

The Watts zero waste kit is good at conserving water and increasing the lifespan of the membrane.

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