Whirlpool Water Softeners
Will Soften Your Water And Save You Energy

Whirlpool water softeners are some of the most popular water softeners in the world.

They are most popular for their energy saving ability.

With a whirlpool water softener, you will save on your electricity bill.

But you shouldn't be surprised. Whirlpool is known worldwide for their appliances.

From their refrigerators and washing machines to their water filters and water softeners, Whirlpool is looked at among the best.

So Why Are Whirlpool Softeners Among The Best In The World?

Whirlpool softeners are among the best in world primarily because of their unique features.

  1. Requiring as little energy as an alarm clock to operate, Whirlpool softeners are all certified by the Energy Star Program.

    Products certified by Energy Star indicate that the products actually conserve energy.

    Whirlpool is different from some companies because some companies claim to reduce energy but they don't. The energy star is one way of knowing if your water softener will save energy.

    You will find an energy star on all Whirlpool Softeners sold on the market.

  2. They all utilize a Demand Initiated Regeneration system. This system allows a whirlpool water softener to study your water usage and regenerate accordingly.

    You will save salt and water because regeneration only occurs when necessary.

    Whirlpool softener systems regenerate every two to seven days. In fact, the regeneration time can be reprogrammed at any time you feel is most convenient to you.

  3. Big on performance but relatively small on space. Whirlpool softener systems don't require a lot of space like other water softeners.

    All models require small width space. The average size of a Whirlpool softener has a width of 18" and height of 46".

    They can easily fit in your basement or your wash room.

    In addition to their size, they are also neatly designed. The simple yet professional style of the water softeners will compliment your home.

  4. Your Whirlpool water softener will come equipped with an installation kit.

    This installation kit allows you to install the water softener by yourself. So instead of hiring a professional, you can save money by installing your water softener by yourself.

    The installation steps are detailed and a video of the installation can be found on Whirlpool's website. If you have any Whirlpool water softener questions, contact customer service.

    If you are unsure or don't feel like you can install the softener system by yourself, you may need to call for help.

    With the installation kit, you don't have to buy any additional tools. All tools needed to install your water softener are included.

  5. With whirlpool softeners, less salt is needed for regeneration than some other brands. Whirlpool recommends a clean pellet or nugget style salt for their water softener systems.

    Other specialized salts can be used for specific applications.

  6. Worried about a power cut? Whirlpool has a one of a kind "battery-free power interruption backup", so if your electricity goes out, your softener will still maintain the system settings for eight (8) hours.

    If the power cut is longer than eight hours, you may need to reset the system.

  7. Even though the warranty time frame will vary slightly for each model, Whirlpool softeners all carry a good warranty.

    Overall, the warranty usually includes:

    • One year full parts and labor.

    • Three year limited electronics.

    • Ten year on limited tanks.

Our Reviews On Whirlpool Water Softener

The WHES20 is the smallest model of the four offered by Whirlpool. It has a grain capacity of 20,000 and is just right for a small family.

This small whirlpool unit has no low salt indicator or water flow indicator. This means that you will have to continuously check your whirlpool softener's salt level.

If you have one or two persons in the house, you may hardly even need to check the salt level because chances are you won't run out of salt soon.

Another setback is that there is no high flow valve. This means that the flow rate may not be as high as other models. But then again, this model is suitable for one to three persons so you may not even require a high flow.

The Whirlpool water softener 30,000 WHES30 is the second smallest unit.

Packed with a grain capacity of 30,000, you will enjoy cleaner clothes and improved appliances in your home.

Suitable for your typical family of four, the WHES30 has a low salt indicator that will let you know when you are running low on salt and need to refill.

It comes equipped with a water flow indicator that lets you know when the water flow rate is low. These indicators will make your water softener troubleshooting process easier.

The Whirlpool WHES40 is up next. Fit for a family of five, you can enjoy your showers more and feel the difference when the soft water rushes against your body.

No more scales. Enjoy whiter and softer clothes. The WHES40 has a grain capacity of 40,000.

Consumers love this unit because it comes equipped with:

  • low salt indicator
  • Water Flow indicator
  • Iron removal setting
  • high flow valve.

You just can't lose with the Whirlpool WHES40.

For those persons with a family of six or more, Whirlpool has manufactured their WHES40 just for you.

It has large grain capacity size of 48,000, which is more than enough to supply your large family with soft water for your everyday use.

This model has a high whirlpool water softener ratings. It has all the features of the whirlpool 40,000 plus a lifetime warranty on softening media and tanks, as well as, a two year full parts and labor warranty.

Whirlpool softeners are available at Lowe's. You can even compare Whirlpool against other brands on the market and you will realize that whirlpool water softeners are among the best on the market.

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