Whole House Sediment Filter
For Complete Sediment Removal

A whole house sediment filter will remove all visible particles from your water before it enters your house.

This ensures that your pipes won't clog and ensures a good water flow. A clogged pipeline can damage your entire plumbing system and cost you thousands of dollars.

This type of sediment filter is a complete filtration system. The filter system will also eliminate those sediments which are common at the bottom of your toilet and your drinking glass.

A whole house sediment water filter will also ensure that the lifespan of your appliances will extend. Appliances such as water heaters, washing machines and dishwashers. You will save money from not having to pay a repairman to fix your appliances or buying new appliances.

Whole house sediment filter cartridges generally last from 1,000 to 300,000 gallons before you will need to change it. Please follow the manufacturer’s recommendation as to when you should replace your filter cartridge.

If your filter cartridge is not replaced, sediments will clog your pipe and possibly pollute your water.

So which whole house sediment filtration system is the best?

Whole House Sediment Filter Review

We will now take a look at three good sediment filters that are on the market

Big Blue 20" Sediment Whole House Filter

This Big Blue filter uses a 20" x 4.5 water filter cartridge to effectively capture and remove sediments from your water.

This sediment filter removes dirt, sand, silt, sediment, rust particles and scale particles.

In the end you will get better tasting water which is healthier for you and it will also extend the life span of your appliances. Big Blue 20" sediment water filter will..... ….read more.

Culligan 5 Micron Sediment Filter

The Culligan sediment filter cartridge is one of the most affordable sediment cartridge on the market. You can buy a replacement cartridge for less than $9 online.

Not only is it affordable, it is also effective. The Culligan 5 micron sediment filter is very good at removing sediments such as sand, dirt, rust and silt from your water.

This filtration system will also remove the excess iron from your water. This is a multipurpose filter system that can even be used on well water.

The 5 micron level allows this Culligan filter to remove a little more than sediments from your water.

This Culligan sediment water filter will get rid of bad odour from your water as well as remove sediments that may have slowed down your flow rate.

Big Blue 10 Inch Sediment Water Filter

The Big Blue 10" is more effective than the 20" Big Blue because it removes more contaminants because of its lower micron level.

Tiny sediment particles are trapped by the filter cartridge; as a result, your water is cleaner and much better for consumption.

The Big Blue 10" sediment filter is also good at removing iron and sulphur from your water. Sometimes sulphur has a bad odour which can be disturbing when drinking your water.

With this filter, your water will smell and taste better because.... ….read more

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